Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cupid Tea with all of our grand-girls ~ February 10, 2017

"What a splendid day we shared at my first Cupid's Tea!"

All of our grand-girls came! We crafted St. Valentine cards & decorated mason jars using old vintage art. It was a such a fun day. The girls have always loved to 'art' as much as I do. Josie made two kinds of scones, chocolate chip and cranberry and chocolate brownies. My red velvet heart shaped cake with strawberry frosting was pretty in pink.  So busy, I missed taking a photo of the beautiful tea table set up in our country kitchen.

The best part was sharing with the girls that love and words go hand in hand....especially on St. Valentine's day. My three favorite Seraphim Angels statues decorated the very long table. This day made my heart smile so big!

"It was darling, Helen 'all fancied up' for the whole day as she and her Papa (our son) went to the 'Daughter & Daddy dance this same evening at her preschool". 
Papa was quite handsome wearing one of his best suits for the occasion!

Grand mama XOXO
The ladies ~ Helen, ~ Louise ~ Josie ~ Beth ~ Anna ~ Kait  ~ Niki

Oh they are loved so very much!


Angel ~ a Christmas gift from our daughter Amy.
She was the first to have a child.
Angel ~ Christmas gift from our son Jason Gabriel.
Angel~ Christmas gift from Sarah.

Monday, January 2, 2017

'Favorite Thing Christmas Tea' December 3, 2016

Some favorite friends ~ Dee, Christina and Brenda
The season began with my second 'Favorite Thing Christmas Tea' at the farmhouse.
My God-daughter Dee (Diane)
~  Questions we reflected on, we each chose from a stack of TABLETOPIC cards  ~

If you could work as an assistant to anyone for a year who would you choose?

Would you be likely to survive alone in the wilderness?

What you you most like to ask God?

Would you like a quiet life of safety or a life of great adventure and uncertainty?

Beautiful Brenda.
Dolly came. She is holding cards for my friend Ann.  Ann couldn't come as she was not feeling well. The shaw knitted by Anna Clare (my oldest grand-daughter)
Dee and Brenda brought gluten free treats (muffins and a caramel-like berry candy. A few of us enjoyed hot soup and scrimp cocktails...ha, ha, ha.... in a note to Brenda I asked if she liked scrimp folktails (I know...spelled wrong)....she answered "That would be lovely!" She is the best, rolls with whatever is going on and is quite good at it. We had the best laugh over that!
Just before my guests arrived I (sort of) jogged out on our plot of land to cut some branches of pretty red berries for the dinning table.
My husband mentioned that he didn't remember our Christmas tree being so tall. The paper plate angel Sarah created in grade school was the topper again this year. It's a precious angel I enjoy every Christmas. One way I 'keep Sarah's memory' alive in my heart.
'Some of our favorite Things for the exchange'. We took turns sharing about our faith and Christmas joy spilled out onto the party.

Angels were one of someones 'favorite things' and the most beautiful reason why was shared! A very special angel ornament, I picked out of Brenda's favorite things is now in the branches of my Christmas tree from Brenda. It will bring back the memories of her sharing in the years ahead.
There was plenty of muffins, scones, and pear oatmeal bars from an altered 'Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond recipe. Everything so good!

Nothing is sweeter than having a tea with friends. When I open my Bentley Tea Box , and smell the aroma a flood of wonderful memories is triggered. 
One of our funniest conversations was about the difference between crocodiles and alligators and what life was like living in Louisiana.  

Before leaving we spent a few minutes visiting the Chapel Barn.  It was very neglected (not at all tidy) as I've been inside recuperating from my fall. Because the Chapel Barn is one of my favorite places so I gave a brief 'show and tell'. There is such a serene beauty even in the winter! More work ahead to create a place to play and pray.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

'The blessings of flowers received make my heart smile!'

How cute is this pot of  happy face flowers. Reminded me of 'Wilson' on Castaway movie with Tom Hanks!

Thank you Randy Phelps, Therese S. Michelle P. and Audrey R. I serve God with the very  best people! They too are brave and came to visit me at St. Francis Hospital.
This pot of autumn flowers is from Lori, Gemma and Betty!
Cheery! Cheery! Cherry!
Therese and Dennis S. came by to check on me bringing a big load of blessings for my whole family along with a big beautiful bouquet.
The colors of the vivid and yes, sun flowers and Gerber daisies for Patty in Oz. Oh my!! 
My brother Earl tried to sneak these on my porch unknowingly and I CAUGHT him! LOL.
All week I have watched these beautiful roses blooming. That in itself is a gift. No wonder we are reminded to take time to smell the flowers. Recuperating from a concussion, I've savored the minutes watching the petals open!
Our dog King checking out the roses! I love my dogs and Bella (my cat)!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sunrise over Oz
First day of autumn ~ September 22, 2016
God is so good! All the time!

Sunrise over Oz
First day of autumn ~ September 22, 2016
God is so good! All the time!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Chapel Barn Sweet Chapel Barn

Chapel Barn Cross
(click  Chapel Barn sweet Chapel Barn in right column to read about the very beginning)

Santa Fe, New Mexico 'Our Land of Enchantment' celebrating 40 years of Marriage ~ March 2015